The Virgin Island Carnival is ruled by royalty in the form of a Queen and a Prince and Princess. These two sets of royalty are distinguished by the age of the contestants, and the audience that they appeal to. Fashion trends, intellect, beauty and talent are among the words that describe the Queen Selection Show. Young ladies between the ages of 16 and 21 years old, are trained, groomed, rehearsed and staged in an elegant atmosphere of glamour and glitter. They compete in categories which include fashion wear, speech, talent, dance, and other standards of elegance.This event is as old as the revived Carnival and has grown from simply selecting a winner based on the number of votes sold, to a process very much like most world renowned beauty pageants. A new Queen is selected on that night and the reigning monarch passes on the crown to her successor.This event is unquestionably the most prestigious beauty pageant in the Virgin Islands, based on the number of contestants and spectators, rigid standards and elaborate presentations rendered. Additionally, the image of the pageant grew dramatically after three reigning queens also achieved the title of Jaycees Caribbean Queen in the regional pageant held in Antigua during their Carnival festivities. Several other queens became first runners-up during the eight years that St. Thomas Carnival queens officially represented St. Thomas. During their one year reign, the queens and members of their courts represent St. Thomas at numerous pageants and other social events in the Virgin Islands, the Caribbean, the United States and the world, the most prestigious being the Miss World Beauty Pageant.While not as majestic as the Queen Selection Show, the Princess Selection Show has its own charm as the children of the U.S. Virgin Islands are among the cutest, best and brightest found anywhere in the world. Nurtured to be confident in their skills, talents and potentials, they are encouraged to be active in positive forms of competition. The Prince and Princess pageant is the most regal event which fosters just that.The fun part of this event for some is behind the scenes – watching the children metamorphose from shy and cautious to confident, with a gleam of daring to their demeanor. For others, it is the spirit and atmosphere of friendly competition coupled with schools, families, fans and contestants creating rivalries and coming together in order to ensure an enjoyable and rewarding program. Young ladies between the ages of 6 and 12 years old, endure a rigorous schedule of training and rehearsals that culminate in a pageant which emphasizes fashion wear, talent and costume. The presentations are an elaborate, entertaining, irresistible fantasy enjoyed by the young and the young at heart. A new Princess is selected to reign with the new Carnival Queen. This family event is the most charming and elegant of the children’s activities.  

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